Tuesday, 25 November 2014

#afriendbygram: Fynn Lehnert

"I don't call myself a photographer because I don't know everything about cameras and settings, I just stroll by", says Fynn Lehnert, 21-year-old Instagrammer from Hamburg, Germany.
I happened to stay in Hamburg (from where I write this) for two weeks for a journalism training and after a week of meeting officials and successful journalists I was eager to meet someone more 'real'. And I got lucky, because Fynn is a very honest and open person.
Instagram is a huge topic now, everyone talks about it, many people have it, and it's interesting how something so unimportant before becomes so important, almost essential today.
I like that, while being very passionate about catching light and developing his photography and editing skills, Fynn doesn't take himself too seriously. "I like comments a lot, when people say what they think of it, and it's very important when they say my pictures inspire them".
"Although I started with posting what I want I moved to uploading what the followers like.
- Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
- It's challenging :) "
Fynn has around 2,000 followers on Instagram, and he regularly takes part in InstaMeets. "I like being part of this community." Although he doesn't call himself a photographer, he is comfortable calling himself an Instagrammer.
My favourite part about social networks is the transition from being just contacts to meeting in real life as old friends. Meeting someone as friendly and open as Fynn in betwen of fancy meetings and presentations was very refreshing. I think Instagram did a good job giving people the opportunity to express themselves and connect with each other. And they didn't pay me to say this.
(photos below - by Fynn Lehnert)

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