Monday, 30 August 2010

Become a member of Google family lol

Hey guys! Still haven't a google account?
I advise you to make it, becouse you'll get more then you expect.
Firstly you'll get your own post adress on
As for me, it's the best kind of post, becouse it hasn't advertising, no spam, it's very fast
you have such options like Documents or Reader!
I love Google Reader. My father advised me it. You can add there any site or blog etc. from where you want to get news and the will be showed in your reader in a moment!
Also you can make a blog on a for free. As i know it's the most popular resourse
for blogs. If I'm wrong, tell me the right answer.
And you be able to create your own blog and comment others ( and my lol)
So, it's not advertising, i won't get money from it =)
Just a friendly advise.
Happy-yeppy Mondays!

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