Saturday, 28 August 2010

C'mon in!

Hey guys.
My name is Iryna Yeroshko, but friends call me Mandarina.
I'm 16 years old now and I'm livin' in Ukraine, Lutsk.
I've been takin' pictures on different cameras for 2 years, not perceiving them
seriously.But i have passion to it and dream to become a professional photographer
in future.
So this blog will be about how i'm trying reach it.
My parents aren't photographers, but i have great supportion from my friends
and family.
I love to communicate with my favoerite photographers and gain their experience.

Here i'll write about everything what i do and what happenwith me in the photography sphere and useful info so you'll also be able to improve too.

Don't give up and have nice days xx000
p.s and sorry for my mistakes. I'm not very good at english ;)

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