Sunday, 29 August 2010


Hey! Today is sunday morning and i'm writing to you bout what is and how
it can help you.
1. What's Flickr?
So, Flikr it's a resourse where you can make your own photostream for FREE.
You have your own free 100 mb for each month, but if you want more, you can buy
PRO account and then you'll have more abilities. But as for me, 100 mb it's enough.
If you want to upload your snaps to the Internet, you have to resize
your photos , because often different web resourses compress the file sizes and it doesn't look very nice. So if you do it on your own in photoshop, you'll see the difference.
2. Why i have to chose Flickr?
1. As for me, and lots of other users, Flickr is the best resourse where you can make your own photostream with ability to upload photos, write comments, add to favorites, join groups and so on  for FREE. ( I tried to use Picasa but it makes lots of noise on my photos, and not really many people visit it)
2. You can add url of your photos from Flikr on another web resourses.
3. Thousands of people watch it everyday. Upload photos in different groups, take part in challanges and more people will get to know you and probably will follow , if you do your work well =) So it's good way to become famous.
3. How can i make my own account on Flickr?
It's easy. You have to make account on , and than you automatically have possibility to use Flickr. Or if you already have it, go and make your photostream RIGHT NOW!!!
And don't forget to send me the link and i'll follow you.

You can find my photostream , if you click on the link right here.

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