Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cold Morning. Which price is right?

Today i found one very essential truth - NEVER MAKE YOUR PRICE LOW!!!
Even if you think, that's tooooo much, it's better then make it too low.
Today i had to photograph one girl fo free. I just decided:
"Oh, she is so young, i don't want to take money from her".
Anyway, she overslept while i got up at 7 morning in my single free day!!!!
More and more each time i understand, that if you make your price low,
people think that you aren't good professional,
or you use cunning, so thay hold you cheap.
If your price is high (as you think), people will complain a kind of,
but mostly will save money to organize shoot with you.
My father work in advertising agency, and says the same.
When they made low prices ,their customers don't volue their work and try to make it AS LOW
So, try to make good prices and don't forget to do your work best.

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