Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fall Photo season is open!

The First official Fall Photo season is open!
It was B-day shoot for my lovely friend Ania, that is 20 already!
We had a goal to make it as much autumn and french as possible.
We were walking through the old part of our city and it opened
for us in a new way, 'cause we found so many beautiful places
and buliding, which we never seen before!
In the celebrating day, i was tore up some photos
which i had to present to Ania (the size was 30*40)
I was horribly depressed 'cause there were only couple
of hours for the party.
I ran to the city centre to print photos again,
and then drove immediatly to Ania even without
watching what was printed. Fortunately,
everything was fine. She really adored photos.
Never hurry with you photos in hands!

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