Monday, 3 January 2011

Just breathe

It's been awile since my last photosession with video. But yesterday in the (late) evening i had inspiration and decided to make a present for you. So here you are!
New photosession "Just breathe" with video is now avaliable on YouToube.

It's hard for me do describe what is the mood of this session or the theme.
But anyway i loved all emotions that Inna has showed, because we both felt it at that time.
By the way, Inna is kinda risky girl, 'cause she agreed to wear such clothes in rainy-snowing weather ( the temperature was -5 or smth like that), and i'm very proud of her.
Here're some photos from the photosession.

Today i'm leaving at Lviv!!! So excited. Maybe will buy a new lens. But anyway i'll come back with lots of new shots.


  1. Ira, these are neat photos!
    P.S. Tags should be separated by coma