Wednesday, 2 March 2011

365: February

Sorry for such a long while. February is always the hardest month for me and i think you've got it from my Flikr everyday updating. Thanx if you follow btw. In such kind of post every month i'll make a conclusions about how is going 365 project (hope it's nice idea). In general, this project is not so hard to carry on, but you need some luck to see smth beautiful.

Well, it's time to sum up this month.
All i can say that was quite nice, without hard stressful weeks but i'm happy that spring has already came.

But there were some innovations in my daily life. I've started writing seriously on the about young photogrpaphers ( my favourite actually) and i love it, and even some people say that i'm good in it. So you are to check and make your own op. (got it?=)

Wish you all to have inspired sprrrrrrring!

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