Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Masha + Andriy | Wedding sneak peek

Beautiful wedding decorations, lovely couple, good people and friends around you - all you need an amazing wedding and it's certanly about Masha & Andriy 's wedding I was honored to shot. Congrats to you both! The full post is in few weeks to be published =)


  1. this is wonderful Iryna!!!
    can't wait to see the rest!!
    the second picture is my favourite!! i love how everything important is in focus and clear, i have a huge problem when it comes to photograph 2 people or more.. loool.. sure that one of them will be out of focus... may i ask you which aperture did you use to shoot the second photo???
    your work is truly amazing!!

  2. Thank you, Andrea =)
    the aperture on the second photo is 2.2
    When you shot 2 people or more it's important to keep them in the same " plane".then evetything that is in it will be in focus (also depends on focus point). And in group portrait's it's better to use aperture from 2 and higher.

  3. thanks for you wonderful tips <33