Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sum-ups and cheers to a New Year

This year was extremely long, even if it sounds weird, but that’s true. I’ve been througt so many changes: at the beginning of the year I was still studying at school, then I graduated, then the summer started and I tried to apply to the universities and went to live for some time to Kyiv on my own, then I was preparing a summer camp which was great and amazing, then it was Fall and I moved to Kyiv to study there, and finally I’m back home.

I kind of don’t want to tell in details how hard or easy was my living in Kyiv because cognition comes through comparison and for some it may seem quite normal for others something unbearable. For me it was pretty tough but I’ve learned so much though this experience and I definitely became mature and stronger, that’s why I thank God for all kinds of experiences I had. Unfortunately my photography suffered because I wasn’t practicing it as much as I used to and it definitely upsets me, but I also understand that for this period of my life those spiritual and physical challenges are on a priority basis for me, without them I will not be able to take up work responsibilities or go abroad and deal with language and cultural barrier and stuff like that.
But when I looked through my pictures taken during 2012 I realised how great it was, how different and how interesting. I've met so many great people, we had an amazing time  together with my parents, friends and church. I've improved my photography through 365 project and my pictures were published as a book cover and music album cover. I think it was incredibly incredibly blessed year!!! That's the reason I love photography: you can always come back to some moments and they will uplift you or make you realise and revise something.

Thank you for reading this post and following my progress even if it is not really noticeable. Still, I feel I’m on the right way to my goal, quite thorny, but right. Have a great, challenging but SURELY successful 2013 year, may God bless and support you throughout the entire journey of your life!

p.s. here are some picture that were taken on my last days at Kyiv before going back home on the christmas fair. the holiday atmosphere was everywhere!

Tomorrow i'm going to show you my Christmas tree :) We just set up it today haha.

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