Sunday, 17 February 2013

strong & fragile

I started a new project on Flickr - 52 weeks. This time it will be dedicated to portraits only. I like people photography a lot, that's how I started taking shots and that's when I feel all-of-a-piece. I said earlier, I sometimes I see light in people, even when they try to prove opposite. It happens so often. The thing is that Jesus loves each and every of us and He sees  light in us and despite hiding it we should reveal it and make a  little world around us as better as we could. through photography I want to show the light people have and let other people see light in each other.


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    1. Hello,
      I loved your pics!
      I was surf on the internet when I found your tumblr. Congrats, really nice photos!
      I've a Nikon D3000 and I'm starting my photographer carries now. Do you have some advices to me?

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  3. Sorry to full your page of empty comments, my account was not working very well!