Thursday, 27 November 2014

How we define success

Everytime we start doing something. there it's a trip or a course, or a project, we want it to be successful. But for each of you success will be defined by different things. Mostly we say something is successful if it gains recognition and provides profit.
I believed in such concept, till I met with Daniela Stohn, editor of a small Hamburge magazine 'theatralisch'. The megazine has a beautiful aim - to make people excited about theater (around 30 in Hamburg) and provide them with some background information as well as a close-up on life of actors.
Two editors invested their time and soul into this project and sustained it for a year with their own money, but it didn't get back with expected profit and recognition. Stohn says they has to cut the production from four to two issues per year, narrowing it to a supplement-size for another megazine.
This project has all signs of being an unsuccessful one, but this just doesn't fit it my head.
I agree that all printed media struggles nowadays, especially such highly specialized ones, and they need a well-thought marketing plan. But when I hold this magazine in my hands, I can't take my eyes of it - two people managed turn their passion into a very high-quality product. I don't have a heart to call it 'unsuccessful'. I believe that as long as you make your ideas a reality, work on a project, gain new skills and connections, as long as you move - it won't lead you to the dead end. One door may close, but the other one will definitely open. One builds his way with single little steps towards the big goal.

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