Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Interview with Croatian photographer Ines Percović

I'm sure that you've seen some photos of Ines Percovic, lifestyle and still life photographer from Croatia, also an active Flickr member, even without realizing it. Many 'inspiration' blogs, tumblers and pinterests are boasting with her pictures, either on their own or with some sweet quotes on them.
I've been following Ines since joining Flickr myself (in 2010) after seeing many famous photographers like Alice Gao or Anastasia Volkova reffering to her. Now I'm honored to know her more closely, still virtually, and keep my hopes high that in the nearest future we will not only talk but shoot together in real life.
I won't talk more on how great she is, she is not that kind of person to support it, and I think the upcoming feature on Grid about her profile will do this work for me. Instead, here is what she says on her website :
"If you ask me what I like to photograph best, I’d say – everything. Mostly, my subjects are found in everyday life. It is a mix of morning coffees, cats roaming around, people I’m surrounded with, rainy days and blue green twilight. Basically, I like to portray everything in an artistic way. I wish I could travel more. My dream is to capture insanely high mountains surrounded by misty fog."

"I think the biggest chalenge (for photographers) is the will to acually go for it and then, these days, to have the money for it. I mean, you can't shoot Iceland if you're not there. The struggle to be patient is the worst."
The biggest inspiration for her was Cindy Loughridge aka *Cinnamon on Flickr, lifestyle and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. "Her photos showed me it is ok to shoot random and the everyday things. My technique changed since then but in a way to be more observant of the background and the composition. Also, I don't overprocess my images, anymore. Thankfully".
Ines' blog is dedicated not only to photography, but how a simple Christian girl makes it through each day, sharing her thoughts on relationships, struggles and inspiration. "I naturally want to praise God with every photo I take. I would never take a photo of something degrading human dignity."
"I love picturing the photo in my mind before I take it. Also, I'm gratefull to have discovered the everday photography as I like to share the bits of my life. It is a calling in life and it fits perfectly to the person that I am."
"This is one of my favorite images (above). And its on the cover of my official site. It was taken during my last holiday, on the island of Čiovo. I love it because it shows summer, freedom and shallow dof. It's all about the details."

- What would you advice to people who don't know yet what are they are passionate about?
- To get off the Facebook and try things. Rediscover the ones you liked to do as I child. Our talents are with us from the beginning so yes, you do CAN find them.

(all the pictures above are provided by Ines Percovic)


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