Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Home studio

My lovely father made for my object shooting smth like lightbox with 2 lamps and frame. He said that it was really easy to do it.
2 lamps he made just for one evening.
Tha frame is made of Cardboard box.
I tried to photograph it so that you had understood structure.
And look at the results! I think it's amazing
and so comfortable!(funny faces)
Ye, u can't shoot big objects, but
this one is temporary.
I really miss my portrait photography
an' i got some new oredrs for shooting,
which i'll do when i recover.
Hope all of you are well, guys.
p.s look at my raspberry shoot.
It's not so great without my great lamps,
'couse i did it earlier.
But it was funny
to shoot it,
read below.

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  1. перша фотографія класна), ніби на зйомках якихось, така закулісна фотка) ніби там якісь "звьозди" фоткаються, тай самі "звьозди" смішні такі, веселі)класні)