Saturday, 18 September 2010

Raspberries shooting

Hey guys.
I'm so disconcerted becouse of my clod,
because it's hard to work at my
photography, make homework and even sit at the computer.
I guess i'll have troubles in school.But anyway
i hope all of u 'r well now.
Today i tried to shoot food, raspberries in particular. It was really very silly
to watch me, i guess.
I made my kitchen as a studio with my table-lamp and one window.(look at the pic)
This lamp was always hanging on my neck or shouldere,
and was ready any moment to catch it, if it fell.
In other hand I was holding the camera on a tripod, while standing on a stool.
and i made quite big mess round me.
Anyway, after a kinda more then hour after shooting
i was so exhousted!
and my temperature started rising.
I think i got some nice shaps and soon
will show it.
p.s firstly in my life i saw yellow raspberries .

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