Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bohemian love

Recently, i was photographing Ira (the girl on photo) with one Lutsk photographer. Actually for me it is one of the best in town, and I was pleased to be able to work with him. Ira (his friend) is a great model. But ..because of my lack of professionalism came out very little good photos . Actually just one i love. This one.
News: Finally, i made a post 'bout myself on look at me. The theme of website is news in art. I was looking forward to get enough points to be able creat a post. Critics there are hard and most of them didn't like me =) So the rating of post now is -10 =)
Anyway there are some who liked me )
But as for start it's quite good. Hope i'll get smth more interesting for next time.

You can read this post here! (if you know russion, or use google translator)

And I'm going to photograph someone) this weekend. First photo shoot in winter - it's beginning of new photo season! But the temperature must be near -13 C (8.6 Fahrenheit)
Hope it will change till Sunday.

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