Thursday, 23 December 2010

December Sun

Again Kate =) And it's good. I am glad that I can open her somehow in new perspective.
It's hard to say is she good model or not. She's just opened for me and for everyone ...
what else to add ... This is not my camera, that's wh photos look different))
Shooting with Aperture 1.8. It's sooo cool. But still not get used.)

From daliy life. I shoot more than usually (perhaps through a new camera =)), more for me and more private. It's week of holidays and I am full of art =) paint, photograph,postprocessing (opened in a new way camera RAW !), movies. Miss my friends and hope to see them on weekends. And a new haircut))) I hope I 'll have forces to make at least one selfie . ooh .. tomorrow you must leave me, canon 7d (
Also I've already had plan for 2011. and you?)

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