Wednesday, 30 March 2011

365: March

It's time for another monthly update about 365 project.
I've been sick for 3 weeks so mostly all my photography was taken at home.
And I really just begin feeling spring , I missed March actually.
Anyway it becomes harder and i don't like what i seen in my photostream.
But I hope that soon I'll buy 50 mm lens and i'm just looking forward to this and hope that everything will be alright.

Recently I've visited local orphan hause. It was so touching and hard but anyway I felt like i should go there. Click to see more

The start of the month was pleasant and very energetic because of Internationa Women's Day.
It was great, though i was already ill. Click to read blog poast about it

This month terrible disaster happened in Japan and I'm so sympathize with you and I pray for you.
My honey =)

Some salfies. I'm trying to improve in it but it still sucks.

In april i'm going to have some photosessions so you'll see something different, not only my home-made shots.

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