Sunday, 17 July 2011

I'm back!

Hey guys, quick lil massage to say that I'm home again, so excited happy and tired.
I came back yesterday from english camp 'Collision' and just have to say that it was the best time in the whole summer! I love every minute if it, even though God was testing me a lot.
Huge thank to my lovely church God's Design, JV and all the campers for making it so sick!(ye,a lot of slang lol ). Today we had a follow up and hanging around with americans and campers and church. We had baptizing in the morning, than picnic, than walk to the castle, then flashmob,then walk to the center and few fleshmobs as well, then went to church to chill out and great walk home. So excited to see them tomorrow again! You guys rock! lol

P.S We have loads of recordings and photos thanx to all the american photography brothers so stay tuned! =) I guess we gonna make our own YouTube chanell lol.

Slangman, or the reason why I started talking slang or
just great friend Chris

Ukrainian liders

Tim, Roma and me hanging out on follow up ;)


  1. i just looooove the watch of the girl in the first picture <3333
    so, glad you are enjoying your summer!!! you look really tan in the last pictures :))

  2. Thank you. Ye,we spent a whole day under the sun, hangoing around and doing bananas. lol