Monday, 22 August 2011

August news & Business Cards

So there are few reasons for such a long while in posting on Flikr/Twitter/Here. Unfortunatly I didn't go to Lviv with friends because I felt sick and in few days I had a surgery and after that I was staying in hospital for a week (Thanx to all my relatives and friends for carrying about me).When I finally got home my computer was broken and during 2 weeks I couldn't continue my photography work. But now here I am, with healthy computer and body and have too much stuff to do, because in 2 day I'm going to have holidays on seaside! lol (will not have acces to computer for week). Just don't know when I'm going to sort everything out. I've got few lovestory sessions, my very failed 365 ,photobook to print and new vocation shots to edit. But good news is that my business cards are ready =)

I will appear here once more before I leave. Have a good week.

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