Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lviv streets (live). Part One.

Two weeks ago two photography geeks went to Lviv - one of the most charismatic cities of Ukraine - to shoot life on streets. Take in a count that we both are more candid portrait photographers. But as I said we are geeks and we love photography in any way. Actually I was inspired to try street photography by Thomas Leuthard's books, which you can download for free here. Even before that I had few street shooters that I followed, but these books motivated me to try by myself. So here we're, photography obsessed strangers, wandering around ancient Lviv streets, taking picture, having fun. Btw, Lviv is just 4 hours from Lutsk, but the trip there is quite exhausting =) And as you know me, I couldn't resist to shot still life, which is everywhere!!! kidding. Maybe this post will seem weird because of mash-up of still life and portraits, color and b&w, beutiful and sad moments, but it's how I see life and Lviv in particular.

I think everyone who've been in Lviv visited this chocolate shop-cafe-fabric...We made loads of shots there.
It seems like everything in the shop is mode from chocolate, even some peopele lol
But chocolate there is really the most delicious I ever tried =)

O hi there!

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