Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The warmth of the season

I'm not one of those kind of persone that you could call shopping geek,
but when I find something beautiful&comfortable I'm never against =)

I'm not sure that'll have time this week to make one more blog post. But I still try hard. I'm done with my first wedding shot and ready to post it, I already have a second one) (I was shooting a beautiful ukrainy-styled wedding in October 22). And I still have my shots from Lviv trip that I'm looking forward to start editing. One more news is that I'm going to Kiev on Friday for weekends, so wait more street and still life and maybe portrait photography =) I hope everything'll be alright . Someone may critisize me but I love photography as a whole, and I'm into all genres of it. I discovered still life photography through Alice Gao and Ines Percovic and (of course) Siebe from De Vetpan and more more talented guys and I just fell in love with it. I can even cry when I watch still life shots so beauteous they are. It's not lifeless or something. I was stunned by Shannen Norman and Leigh Tylor, Natalie Franke wedding photography, it's absolutely wonderful. Street shots from Thomas Leuthard, Hien Loung, Martin Küh, Max Ch etc. can't leave you without emotions. And I'm still feel like portrait photography is my personal cup of tea =) Well, and it's not even all I wanted to say! Hope you guys going to have good weekends!

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