Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas print giveaways! - Finished

I enjoyed the 'giveaway' thing last month and decided to make another one before Christmas :-)
Actually not one but two prints! Here're the rules, read them carefully ;)

These 2 prints are for two winners and for 2 social networks.
The first one is for Twitter.
If you have Twitter account, then you can take part simply by clicking the 'Tweet' button
below. I'll choose the winner randomly.

Print is 20x30 сm.
 To see the full size original image click here.

Second one is for Flickr. If you are a member of Flickr family, then follow this link and
write a comment about your best Christmas celebration. The author of the comment which
I like the most will be the second winner.

Print is 20x30 сm. 
 To see the full original image click here.

If you're involved in both social networks, feel free to 'tweet' and to comment,
having more chances to win !
The winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, December 18th, almost St.Nicholas Day =)

The winner of the Twitter print giveaway is Benny Behr.
And the winner of Flickr giveaway is evaa_photography

Congratulations and happy holidays to you both :)

Thank you all for participating and sharing!

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