Monday, 12 December 2011

Milky cookie splashes

Oh these busy days before holidays...why is it always so?
Last weekends were super cool, just the best in a long while. But everything has it's own cost
and now super busy coz at school we have tests every day and it's just crazy
(as always, like I had to get used to it till my senior year but I didn't). And it's so pity
because I have so many photos and ideas to share with you!!!!!
Lets hope and support me and maybe I'll manage to sort everything out before Christmas.
Good thing is that I'm giving away a print AGAIN and soon will show and announce you
everything, stay tuned! =)
And now time for some cookie splashes.

Firtly I try with water and random mug =) As you see - quite muddily. But I like this water bokehs .

Veryyy dirtily .

And my 2 favourites =)

And I think I'm getting ill ...(

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