Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lviv streets (live). Part Two.

Finally I managed to edit and post the second part of our trip to Lviv. I kind of postponed it because of my senior year, i'm so excited to end it one day and have more time for my photography stuff.
I love this beautiful  historical city so much, i feel like only there I can feel happiness when I simply walk down the street and shoot(not literally) people.  It seems like I can picture life on streets only in Lviv,        at least   for  now any other city doesn't inspire me as much as Lviv does.
  I hope you'll enjoy some street and (of course) still life shots here.


                                                                    It didn't help really =)

                                                                 He looks like Mario!

 And dessert =)


  1. Totally love this post!!! Your pictures are amazing and I just can't pick my favourite one 'cause i looove them all <333
    Your city is so beautiful and you are so brave to go out and try street photography!!! I must try it one day >_< But me and my camera are too shy for this challange.. LOOL

  2. Thank you so much, Andrea.
    Actually Lviv is not my native city,
    it's 4 hours away from it. We went there for
    a day.
    I'm shy too, that's why me and my friend went to another city, and we looked like tourists so that was fine lol