Saturday, 14 January 2012

October Kyiv trip

Last autumn I went to Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine - Wikipedia), to meet up with a friend and to have fun a little bit. I went all by myself and felt so good, like almost independent person :)When I came home I thought I hadn't taken any good shot, but 2 days ago I bumped into the folder with these shots and found some that I'd like to share. So here they are.


My friend and my namesake :)

Every time I'm in new city or just not in my hometown I try to shot street photography because I think it's one of the hardest genres, maybe not so technically but psychologically. I mean being afraid to carry your camera infront of others, to shot strangers, to loose your camera, all these fears...You have to practise a lot to overcame them, because they will hinders you from taking a good shot. And taking a good shot must be more important than to be judged. And personally I think that street photography is the most sincere, the most 'live' genre  and the fields where professionalism come from. I mean you should be skilled and professional enough to see interesting moments, to catch them, to behave right, to touch people with your photos and to tell a story.

Good Sunday to yall!


  1. These are wonderful!!! The tones are amazing and my favourite is the one that your friend is pointing to... something :D I love it :D
    I totally agree with what you said about street photography!!! I tried it once but I was too shy and came home with terrible pictures LOOL You must know how to capture the right moment, cause the people are not going to stop and pose for you :)

    1. Exactly! I totally recommend you to read these books.
      They are free.
      And thnx for comment :)