Sunday, 8 January 2012

Turning 18

Currently it is 1.24 am and it's going to be a long post :)
I'm a self-portrait - kind of person and you can seldom meet photos with my face here.
But I was lacky and got some shots of me made by my very talanted friend Lena,
who did this amazing hairdoo and make-up for my 18th birthday :)

I kind of changed my attitude to birthday parties recently and even though I was turning 18 ( in different films and tv shows it's like the main day of the whole life, and you should get drunk and do a lot of crazy bad stuff etc.) for me it was like any other day, still pleasant though because I had the opportunity to gather all my friends at home and spend good time with them. A long time ago I could only dream about such friends and now I have them next to me and forever grateful to God for them. All my friends are very talanted in different ways and it's just a blessing to have such people around.

 ( Some home videos :)


It's hard to predict something for my 19th year of living , but I'm sure it will be very special
because there are many changes to come and many important decisions to make. I'm going to end my studying and school and maybe will enter the university and maybe even go abroad. But it's all in God's will. I'll try to reach my goal anyway ;)

I got everything I wanted for my birthday: new telephone, new earphones,new wallet, acrylic paints,
Jason Mraz physical album (that was a big surprise,because we don't have his physical albums in Ukraine),
and very special present - acoustic guitar. Unfortunarly I don't have a photo to post now but you'll
probably see it soon on Flickr ;)

Sometimes some of my friends and parents laugh at me because they think I want to be able to do everything.You might have never known that I used to visit dance classes and was dancing there nearly for 8 years, I'm visiting painting classes now and already painted 3 canvases, I'm love photography and I was always into music. Seriously, from the age of 10 or so I dreamed to learn playing at least something  but my parents couldn't afford that. Last summer I was practising playing acoustic guitar but I needed my own to be able to practise at home. And now I have it, yey. I hope I will learn playing it some day :)))


  1. Happy birthday, all the best, once more :)) God bless!

  2. You are so so pretty, Iryna!!
    I'm trying really hard, but I just can't remember how did I celebrate my 18's LOOL shame on me, I know... But seems that you had a really cool party!!
    Your cake looks yummyyy!!! So beautiful!! <3
    And I also had this "I wanna do everything" phase.. it was when I was choosing my college course, but thankfully I choose the right one... I think so :DD

  3. Replies
    1. Actually I already have a degree in International Relations :)