Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April blog discovery. Days are running too fast

Last month I started to post my monthly discovery of blogs and website that I love and follow.
So here are April's top 5:
  • Eye poetry. If you haven't already discoreved this blog - go there now! Every time I see (1) in my google reader I start jumping like a kid, because it means that now I'm going to see another gorgeous portion of beauty from Irena Suchocki.
  • Jason Mraz' blog. My favourite musician ever.
  • Ines Perkovic. Beutiful girl with a beautiful soul and photography.
  • Simon Flip. Recently discovered his beautiful indie portraits.
  • Lingered Upon. I think I've been  following this blog for a year or more. Alice Gao is a great food, still life, wedding photographer. What I like the most is that she is a regular blogger and posts few times a week, which makes me really a happy blog-lover :) 
I'm running now, this month and May are going to be too busy and too insane, because I 'm graduating  in a week and then having  exams till June. But I'll post my 7 on 7 anyway :)
Hope you all are doing well.

 P.S a little bit of spring freshness down here.


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