Monday, 21 May 2012

Indie spring

Hello. It's mine rear post again. Just to tell you that I'm fine, pretty busy, pretty tired, and 'looking forward' to my exams. I'd better been prepearing right now, but just realized, that I post only my monthly blog discovety and 7 on 7 last...3 monthes. that's not good.
So, I finished school, officially, like I had a graduation ceremony and a prom party, and passed my exams at school well. Hooray! Now I'm having my independant exams next week. Like it's a general exams, which you pass if you want to enter the university. And in July I'm having specific exams in painting and drawing for my college entrance examination..ugh.
Recently I've shooted a wedding and a portrait studio session (it was filmed and I think you will see it..soon) , which is good, but I can't imagine when I'm going to edit them. My friends and I are currently preparing documents for our visas for trip to Latvia, and we hope and pray that everything will be fine with them and we will have some fun on a Baltic Youth Festival :)


  1. Adore the candy tones of the first one! And the composition, too.

  2. awesome pictures! have fun in Latvia :)