Friday, 24 August 2012

What's new?

This post is more about what I'm up to now and what my life has been during last 2 weeks.
So... the most exciting news is that I've entered the university, where I'm going to study
english and german translation. I'm moving to Kyiv, which the capital of Ukraine, in 4 days.
That's sad and exciting and happy and worrying at the same time. 
Whatever you have planned for the summer, the last couple days are the best anyway.
That's what I'm going through rigth now. We have such  an amazing time with friends and church,
chilling with my family, just naps and morning jogs. Oh it feels so great and I'll have to leave it
here and start a new life soon. There're so many people I love here..But I belive that God will provide
and bless me with everything - He's my Father! 
I'm also working on a cover photo of a music album - really excited about that.Hope to be able to share with you soon. And one of my pictures was recently printed as a book cover in Poland. Watch here .
Be blessed everyone, who is moving of going somwhere
these days!
And here're some photos from walks and picnics over the last few weeks.
And few pics from the camp:
With Matt, crazy man.
Roma, friend since 4th grade. That rain was epic!
With Mr. Chris Loux, keeping it real since 2010 despite 5763 miles.
As Chris likes to say, it's beautiful that we have people that it's so hard to say goodbuy to.

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  1. starting a new live in new town seems really challenging
    i'll be doing the same things like you next year
    somehow i never want to leave my comfort zone right now
    but i really do feel curious about things out there
    it's really an adventure, God Bless your study in Kyiv :)