Monday, 20 August 2012

Sisterhood photoshot part 2

Hello everyone! It's been awhile and I missed blogging, seriously.
I hope you , person who is reading this somewhere in the google reader , missed me too ;)
This August has been pretty crazy so far, very busy, so emotional and incredibly cheerful!
I was serving in our summer english camp as a photographer, translator and youth group leader, than had few days of follow up, a leadership picnic, few meeting with friends, 2 days out of city , even trip to Kyiv again,
and now I'm home, with tones of editing on my shoulders lol. And I missed you.
This time I'm going to show you the second part of our photoshot with Volianyk sister,
who I love and adore.I can see the first part here. Hopefully will post something this week again.
Last days of summer everyone, go off the chain! :)


  1. какие милые сестры! фотографии оч теплые и живые! так понравились цвета!