Friday, 10 May 2013

Sasha Vesna

It's been awhile. That's how I've started my every blog post for the last 6 months. But it's time to stop it.
The photography spring finally started for me.
The break was to long, but it was necessery for me.
When you stop painting, you get out of practice. And I don't want to lose it.
As it's said, at first you artwork is full of boldness and energy,
but then it fades, and then hard work starts.
It would me much easier for me to keep my blog up to date
if some of you, who is reading this,
 would ever comment my posts or leave any feedback... 
 otherwise I feel like I'm writing to emptiness..  

Thank you so much Sasha for waking me up. I don't remember last
time there were so much beauty and air.


  1. I started to follow your blog a few months, and i've been visited here every day in a hope that you appear with a new photo.
    I hope that you don't gave up from here! :)

    PS. Sorry if my English looks bad, I from Brazil and I started to studied a few mouths.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, I meant months, not mouths. Haha!
      And please, don't give up from here!

      Anyway, sorry to boring you.