Thursday, 20 June 2013

In the woods

Finally, the summer season has started for me. I passed my last final (latina!) and in 2 days was driving back to my lovely home in train. It feels weird to get back to bloggin after such a long pause, it's like not knowing what to talk about with a friend you haven't seen for years. Anyway, I'm taknful to you for reading this and carring about what I do. In 6 days I leave abroad (going to tell you later, when I actually will have departured), but before that, I'll definitely will post here at least twice. That's why I'll tell about myself more later. Now just enjoy beautiful Julia and our shoot that we did in botanical garden, but mostly in the 'woods' part of it.She is such a joyful person and I think this is the first time backstage pictures are worth publishing in a separate post :)

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