Friday, 21 June 2013

If it doesn't challange you, it won't change you.

This year academic year went so weirdly quicky and hard yet very interesting and instructively. I've learned so much about myself and people around me, and experienced God's will and
guardianship through the whole freshman experience. Now I'm feeling much more confident about myself and ready to work productevly on photography and self-education (I'm kind of nerd, I've already got so many books and journals for self-educating, and found websites with online courses, e.g. coursera).
I've been thinking a lot about what should I do this summer and in autumn and what to prepare myself for  next summer (I'm very 'foreseeing' kind of person), and sometimes I am faced with a choice whether I am doing something for myself or should I do this for God. Have a courage to challenge yourself, your faith, your foundations and I think it'll pay back. God is faithfull, so how much we must be faithful to Him. I wish you to feel proud of yourself after this summer, to be productive and inspired. May god bless you wherever you are :)

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