Friday, 23 August 2013


As I expected, once I steped out of my country and went somewhere I hadn't been before - my way of thinking changed significantly.
The whole idea of traveling, emigration, going abroad to study or work was spinning in my head since
junior high school and was something I was thinking a lot about. Not that I was dying to leave Ukraine and burn the bridges. I was just curious to experience what living in another culture is or how things work in Europe. Once I traveled abroad this year and even before that, living in the historical capital of Ukraine,I learned a lot first of all about my own country, because everyone is asking you what is your country like or why we do this or this differently. I finally felt related to my Motherland, as I am a part of that, and part of its ongoing history. I feel ache for bad things that are happening in my country and for mean jealous people, I feel proud of heroic history and rich culture, I want to learn more about my city, I want to listen to ukrainian music and watch ukrainain films, I want to meet foreigners and tell them why Ukraine must be independet. And it's not that I became extremly patriotic, it is that I do not neglect being ukrainian anymore.
And here is Tallinn, one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I've ever been .


  1. Очень красиво!!!!... чувственно!
    Взаимное ПЧ:

  2. This collection is absolutely exquisite. I hope you post more soon.


    ~ Meg