Tuesday, 27 August 2013

True love + blog anniversary

Today I want to show you one of the most beautiful things I am very proud of - Ilona & Yura engagement photoshoot. And I can't even take credits for me because together they are so incredibly beautiful and talented , they planned everything carefully - from hair to poses and colors - that I didn't even have to do anything. It is so easy to see the light pouring out from their hearts into something between them that gives you the chills.
Today is a special day for this blog - actually tomorrow but whatever - it turns 3 years old.
And it makes me kind of sad because many blogs that I read in 3 year gained more than 1000 followers,
and here I hardly feel someone is reading what I write here. So please, let me know what kind of content you prefer to see here and it will make me less sad :) And also I wanted to ask other bloggers awkward question - what do you guys do, to gain more readers?

p.s. I am back on Flickr, really trying to post something every day, so if you something fresh every day - check it out.
You can also send me a postcard, I would really appreciate it ;)


  1. I love your sense of look the things, the lights on your photos are perfect and totaly different. Your photos are amazing!

  2. очень солнечные и светлые фотографии!

  3. You know, you should write and overall blog on whatever makes you happy. People will get that, they will see the honesty behind your posts.

    Btw, beautiful photos!

  4. Thank you, Ines :)
    That's what I've been doing!

  5. nice blog :)

  6. красиво как!!

  7. Hello iryana I like the sense of ur photography. ..
    God bless u