Saturday, 14 September 2013

L'viv streetwalking

I was lucky to travel a lot this summer and L'viv was one of my summer go-by-yourself destinations. While being on a little vocation once again , I want to take you for a little walk around this amazing  warm old city, which is fair to say is the most beautiful in Ukraine. Kyiv and L'viv are so different from other parts of the country, and as for me, it's great that you can change the atmosphere and feel like in another country for several days not actually leaving the one you live in. Dedicated to all the amazing people who connect me with L'viv.
(warning: lots of pictures below)

My lovely host Nelly with her doggy :)

Americans crowded Lviv city .

This dragons fires at exact L'viv time and together with my friends we were walking around for almost an hours waiting for it to fire.

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  1. Beautiful place and photos Iryna!

  2. I love these photos tremendously!!!

  3. Thx for you iryna. One of your works is my phone screensaver now and it's trully cute, pretty and really awesome. Good luck for you and for your photography appartunities

  4. Really nice photos! ! Good job!!