Saturday, 7 June 2014

News and announcements

It feels pretty surreal, to write blog post for the first time in YEAR! I’ll save you from my useless apologizes and excuse. Instead, I’ll tell you what’s new and what has changed.
There will be no particular order, as I’m having hard times sorting information in my head right now.

  • - The first thing that you might have or might have not noticed is a NEW BLOG DESIGN! Ines Perkovic, amazing photographer from Croatia and my friend created this design for me, and I’m forever grateful because right now I have no capacity to work on design nor looking for designer. I think she did it great and I highly recommend to visit her blog.

  • - I started two projects on Behance. One is called ‘Second Home’, another one - ‘Portrait stories’. All the info about them you’ll find on Behance.
  • - It seems like I’ve started a YT channel but it’s going very slow as I’m full time student, full time employed, I attend courses, I have finals, I try to run my photo projects and now - blog! and Flickr...So you know, I’m kind of busy!

  • I’m looking for opportunities to edit video on the go, for that I need a good laptop and good editing program so your advices on that will be highly highly appreciated!

  • - I had a photography brake since October 2013 till February 2014, which is long! And totally not healthy for any creative progress.

  • - I bought a new camera! Now I own Nikon d610 and still shoot with 50mm 1.4.

  • - I’m going to Krakow for Visegrad Summer School, it’s a school of political studies, but it’s gonna involve journalism, photography, and Ukraine as well! I’m thinking about having a Flickr meet-up between 30 June - 12 July there, so if you live in Krakow or in Poland and you’d to come and do a little shooting walk - please send me a quick note to and I’ll send you all the details!

  • - And there is war in my country...It’s not a like a World War (this is how I imagined any war), but there are certain regions that struggle a lot from Russian invasion. You can find a lot of articles about it here. Crimean peninsula is lawlessly annexed to Russia, some of my relatives live there, and there are constant clashes in the east.
I guess that’s it...God bless you all and wish me luck! not to fall apart from all of these haha.


  1. Hi Iryna! I'm so, so glad you're back!
    I wish you the best luck of the world and that you never give up from anything, even if everything around you it seems to falling down. You know, any kind of war it's horrible, but I'm faith that everything it's going to be okay in the end!
    Oh, and you got a D610? That's awesome! It's in my plans to buy the D600 and I've been researching about the D600 and D610 and it seems to me that the difference between both of them it's pretty small, but the difference in the price of each one (at least here in Brazil) it's very big. Do think if it's worth to pay more for a D610 even if both of them are very similar? (Please correct me if I'm wrong about this, ok?)
    Anyway, good luck with the blog and welcome back!

    1. Thank you so much, Aline! My dad researched on that matter, and found that in d600 there are a lot of drawbacks with focusing that are fixed in d610. But see what works better for you!