Thursday, 29 January 2015

Get my pictures for free! or buy them

Not everyone may know, but I've been selling my photographs since I was 14 on Shutterstock.
And my dad is the one who forced  encouraged  me to do that. I was so overwhelmed when I got my first $0.25 ^_^ Now it has mostly my old boring images. I actually started sharing  the gallery with my brother, who enjoys taking pictures of flowers a lot (no shame!). His pictures are sold better than mine, just to let you know.
But this is not what I was about to tell you. As some of you may know, I've been on Flickr since 2010 and many of my pictures have Creative Commons license, which basically means you can download them and use for any but commercial purposes for free with my attribution. However, they were never organized in one place so it wasn't obvious to some people that they can take them if they wish so UNTIL NOW!
Many of my friends constantly look for pictures for designs, blogs, desktop backgrounds etc. and I decided to share my pictures with them but also with anyone reading this!
You can now got to my Creative Commons Flickr album and browse through the pictures which are free to use. Most of them are old, I copyright all of my new images but if you need a particular one you can contact me via email or check out my Getty Images gallery. For freelancers there is a cheaper option called Creative Market (which Ines introduced me to). So far my CM gallery  is not quite developed but I'm working on it!
This is what I wanted to say. I hope it will prove useful to you. The CC album is not completed yet, I'll continue to add pictures there so keep up with it to find more free photographs.
p.s. I actually enjoyed painting this paper so much, maybe I should get back to painting...

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