Friday, 13 February 2015

I got to see many princesses!

We really do get used to things we love. Sometimes, not as often as I wished it to, it strikes me hard with understanding of how much I actually love and enjoy photography. It brought me to so many places, made me meet and speak to so many people and helped, in a way, to sneak behind the scenes of life .
And after shooting these little princesses of local ballet school - I wouldn't mind being a ballet photographer at all.
And sorry for not posting often, I'm doing something really exciting for me and hopefully for you too. If you'd like to see my presence daily - go to my Flickr.

And what are your passions? What is you can't live a day without in terms of hobbies or activities? What is your destinations? What is one thing you feel the most comfortable doing? Please tell me in the comments. I really would like to know.

1 comment:

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