Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7 on 7 March

Here is another 7 on 7 post, I'm really glad that I joined this amazing team and we continue to post, to work and share our daily photography experience together. Last month I posted few portrait shots of my friend Julia, today it's about street photography. I really enjoy making each post different and I'll try stick to it.
Last Saturday (3th of March) I went to Kyiv to visit the university I was thinking to enter, but I was  completely disappointed with it. Even though the department is called 'photography and video design' it has almost nothing in common with photography and has no equipment at all for students to practice photography. Then I went to one college, which was the way better and (EVEN!) has a studio light. Maybe I'll manage to enter it this summer. Or..I'll stay at home for a year, work to save some money for studying and enter the university abroad, which would be perfect, I think...
Anyway I hope God will show me the right way and everything 'll turn out great.
Have a nice week! Don't forget to check out Rowan's 7 shots.


  1. These are stunning! I hope I get to visit one day!

  2. Wow, these are great...That last image is crazy cool...

  3. Love the documentary photography. Just don't have the guts to do it. Hehe!
    Super photos!

    1. Thank you. The hardest thing is to take the first picture.
      Then you just can't stop haha.