Monday, 23 July 2012

Entrance examnination in Kyiv

The entrance campaign took me the whole July to send  the documents, pass the  exams and to do other imporant stuff. I had to live in Kyiv during this time and I was truly blessed with my apartment , which is situated in the downtown Kyiv - the most beautiful part of the city. I was living in the missionary office and have met lots of great people from different contries and cities. I didn't had much time to shot, that's why there aren't many, but still few pics to share with you. 

During the exam in cinematography I've met lots of different students and the atmosphere in the hole
was truly artistic :)
That's when I tweeted, that we gonna have some fun :) This beach is definitely now my favourite place in Kyiv.

Did everyone recongize Lena frommy last portrait photoshot? :)
This entrance campaign and examination was truly blessed by the Lord. He gave such a wonderful
experience and reliesed His glory in many situations. I'm incredibly thankful to all my friends in Kyiv,
who helped me and supported me, to the missionary office workers and to my parents, who are the best
FOREVER!  It's like new part in my life has started because God opened me a lot and now I'm gonna live in a different better way.


  1. Kiev has such a wonderful architecture!!! I love these flowered balconies a lot!! <33
    This is a pedestrian only bridge?? It's really pretty!! And the beach is so calm, totally different from the beaches here in Brazil were the waves are so strong that can literally take you away 0__o
    Amazing light in all your photos <33

  2. Yes, it's for pedastians only and yes, the architecture
    is really really gorgeous. unfortunatly i'm not a very
    good architecture photographer \\
    It's a river beach, Dnipro is the biggest ukrainian river
    and it runs through the city.
    thanx Andrea :))

  3. that video of those people doesn't sound very good. these ukrainians are singing english songs in kiev?

  4. я была в Киеве несколько раз, но таким я его не видела! мне оч понравились твои снимки) обожаю этот город) и в воде вы классно пофоткались))