Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shutterstock surprised me.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned but that I do commercial photography for Shutterstock from time to time,
 I actually keep doing this for 2 year now! Still can remember how my dad and I were excited to hear
that our photos passed the-so-called exam and now we can earn money there.
I haven't earned that much , because mostly I spend time on my own projects or studying, but now want
to be more dedicated to this thing (not sure that it's possible with all my entrance exams, summer camp and bla bla bla) .
Everytime you upload picture there it takes 2-3 day them to be checked by 'inspectors' if they have any imperfections or commercial value. and guess what. Recently I've uploaded 27 photos from the student photosession and all of them were approved! I just couldn't belived that. now my gallery has 106 pictures,
which is a lot for me but not a lot for stock photographer :)


  1. Hi Iryna (or Rennes?), great photos on your blog! I found your blog through one of my flickr contacts. I've been interested in possibly submitting some of my photos to a stock photo site, but I have been hesitant because I don't know anything about the process.

    Would you mind sharing a bit more about the steps you took to work with Shutterstock? Also, did you have any hesitations beforehand or now that you have started your own gallery with them? How did you decide on Shutterstock as opposed to say iStockphoto?

    I'd appreciate any info. Thanks, and thanks for the post. Keep up the good work! You will no doubt 'reach your goal' some time.

  2. Thank you,Steven.
    Please write me to my email
    and I'll try to help you.